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Modern Pendant with Coral Heishi


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A beautifully shaped pendant, by this award-winning young jeweler.

The center of the vertical form is elegantly finished, with a  softly glowing texture.

Wavy, applied edges symbolize water, the source of all life, so important to southwestern Natives, for ensuring healthy crops.

Brilliantly polished, these sinuous forms contrast handsomely with the muted, textured background, which appears rain-washed.

Two more lines of polished silver streak vertically, down the center of the piece; these are perfectly straight.

Between them, there is a stacked row of small, natural red coral disks , or heishi.

Vibrant, against the metallic greys of the silver, the coral represents the earth, as opposed to water and rain.

A bail with wavy edges is discreetly placed at the top of the pendant. With a 1/4″ width, it can accommodate small beads, heishi necklaces, a silver collar (see Al Joe’s, on this website or whatever you choose to use.

This creative artist is known for decorating every surface of his work, so even the reverse side of the pendant is stamped with traditional designs.

Little crosses signify the four corners of the earth, where the blessings of water are meant to go; the designs in the center combine stepped rain symbols with suns in the center, reflecting an ideal balance of nature.

Finished with refinement, designed with creativity, this pendant turns age-old tradition into a striking and lovely piece of wearable modern art.



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Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


2 3/8" L x 1 3/8" W