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Modern Overlay Kokopelli Pendant


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Kokopelli is one of the most important of Hopi kachina spirits; he blows the seeds that create all life, notably, crops.

Therefore, he is not only a fertility figure, but a symbol of great happiness, good health, and prosperity.

This interesting version of Kokopelli is in traditional Hopi style; silver overlaid on the underlying silver base.

Unusually, the silver is cut out to conform to the figure, without surrounding designs.

This gives the pendant a modern, almost abstract look, at first glance.

The darkened base silver is minutely textured and shows beneath the figure’s arm and blowpipe, and on the outer edge of the pendant.

The tips of his feathered headdress are lightly textured, and left unpolished, as is the organic form within his humpback, which represents the bag of seeds it holds.

Note that there is a delicate incised line trailing down from this area – that represents the source of the figure’s power.

Eyes, belt, and sash are minimally detailed with incised lines in the highly polished silver.

An uncommon and intriguing representation of this iconic figure, that is beautifully fabricated, and sure to excite comments.

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Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L x 1 1/8" W