Modern Hummingbird Painting

Daryl Begaye



This young artist from Navajo and Pueblo heritage is not the same artist as the jeweler with a similar name, but also talented.

This Daryl Begaye is a lover of nature and wildlife which he depicts with a modern sensibility.

This striking painting is both powerful and as delicate as the subject hummingbird.

The large scale of the painted hummer is not realistic, but it is accurate in proportions, that long beak, and fluttering wings.

The exaggerated size and vibrant red color makes a dramatic impression and floods the canvas with animation and energy.

It seems to be hovering in the air, perhaps on his way to taste the nectar of a nearby flower.

In lovely contrast to the agitated motion of the hummingbird, the abstract background is colorful but serene, in complementary purple hues that set off the red, dramatically.

Floating like clouds in the background, are chubby cross shapes, which symbolize the spiritual function and beauty of the hummingbird, meant to spread to all four corners of the earth.

Hummers are honored for their role in helping to propagate plants, including crops.

Planted seeds, together with sufficient water, means a harvest will be plentiful, and people will be healthy, happy and prosperous.

In addition to their function and spiritual importance, hummingbirds are beautiful – just like this painting, in which syncopated energy and tranquil beauty complement each other, delightfully.

Ready to enliven your home!

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