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Modern Gold Overlay Cuff


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With a solid heft to the thick, overlaid 14-karat gold and underlying sterling silver, this bracelet is luxurious, yet wearable every day.

A plain base of sterling silver supports the overlaid gold, chiseled in a clean, modern design.

At the top and bottom edges of the cuff, a row of identical, little silver domes line up, like a row of chorus girls dancing in unison.

Everything is hand-fabricated, flawlessly.

Rounded squares and rectangles of gold glisten, flanked by the rows of little domes, which contrast with the vertical lines chiseled in the gold.

Beautifully and carefully composed and executed, this cuff will stack well with others, or shine all alone. Your choice!

Fastidious workmanship combines with noble materials and a modern sensibility in this strikingly handsome cuff.

Not too understated, nor too ornate, it is just about perfect; classic, timeless and beautiful.

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Sterling Silver I 14k Gold

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1 1/4" gap | 6 3/4" all around


3/8" W