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Modern Geometric Fringed Pendant


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This gifted couple are celebrated for their exquisitely detailed and realistic inlay of birds, etc. Here is something altogether different, and just as handsome; more graphic and minimalist, for lovers of modern.

Inlaid in a sterling silver circle, the base is chocolate brown ironwood. This is a dark, rich background for the circles of turquoise inlaid in the wood. These mark the four geographic directions.

An inlaid piece of natural red coral is set into a raised box of silver in the center. The diamond shape is a striking contrast to the series of circles. Turquoise symbolizes water and sky; coral represents the earth and the sun, so together they refer to Nature in perfect balance.

A fringe of five silver dangles swings and ways at the bottom, signifying rainfall – great good luck. Notice how each is tapered to a narrow spoon shape. A similar taper to the bail, completes a balanced composition.

Dark and matte; glittering and vivid, round and straight, this seemingly simple pendant is carefully composed for visual and cultural effect. There is more to the Laconsello’s art than birds, it seems.


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Sterling Silver I Ironwood I Turquoise I Red Coral


2 5/8" including bail


1 1/4"