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Modern Figural Earrings


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A Kiowa from Oklahoma, Byron McCurtain graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts with a degree in photography, but chance led him to know several jewelers, and he developed an interest in lapidary work.

Notably mentored by the late, celebrated Gibson Nez, Byron has emerged as a master of stone-work, and equally masterful in silverwork.

Working with top-quality stones, his impeccable technique and artistic eye have brought him into the forefront of younger artists.

These exquisite earrings demonstrate his esthetic vision and consummate skill.

Using a rich palette of complementary purple chalcedony and vivid red turquoise, he surrounded the sumptuous colors with brilliantly polished silver.

The top is shaped a bit like the head of a female dancer, wearing a tablita of silver feathers.

The deeply notched bezel around the luscious purple stone echoes the lines of the headdress.

The dangle is an abstract version of a blanket-wrapped body, sporting a small, but fiery red, natural coral.

With its convex shape, the plain silver dangle shimmers in icy contrast.

Unadorned metal must be perfect, and the workmanship in these earrings is just that.

Gorgeous color, lovely shapes, expert technique and design, and a wearable size, make these earrings something to treasure – and wear again and again.

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Purple Chalcedony, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


1 1 7/8" L x 5/8" W