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Modern Dragonfly Pin


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Real men do make gorgeous jewelry!

Graceful, ornamental, creative, and glistening, does this pin look like the work of a rodeo bull-roper? Well, it is!

The artist is also a horse trainer, activist for protecting the integrity of Native jewelry from fakes, and a major, consistent award-winner.

Starting with a very traditional good luck symbol – the dragonfly – the artist has fashioned a marvelous mix of delicate, decorative swirls and contemporary negative space, and accented it with a brilliant blue turquoise.

Curly open-work wings are decorated by chasing, etching parallel lines to emphasize the curves and add texture.

In contrast, the head and body of the dragonfly are concave half domes, blackened with acid to emphasize their depth and provide a matte, dark contrast to the glittering, polished wings.

Reversing the expected, rounded segments is a really clever and creative touch, that makes this unique.

It also provides some tension with the lacy, dainty wings, giving the piece an edge, turning the pin into modern art.

Like the cherry atop a sundae, a small, but radiantly blue, natural turquoise nestles in the cupped form of the head.

Yin/yang, unexpected, pretty, graceful, edgy, striking, and all of the above, this is an example of a modern master’s work.

It’s really, really different, and really, really well-priced.

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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/4" L x 2 5/8" W