Modern Acoma Jar


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She is a daughter of the late, classic potter Ethel Shields, of Acoma Pueblo, and married to miniature Master, Thomas Natseway.

Charmae is renowned for her rigorously contemporary takes on ancient Mimbres designs.

Characteristic of this highly regarded artist is the masterly mixture of elements in the design – squares, curves, triangles, lines, etc. – all of which form a clean, dramatic look.

This beautiful jar also happens to be a Santa Fe Indian Market First Place Award Winner!

Though the neck of the jar might seem to indicate a slightly modern yet somewhat traditional piece, the designs on the bottom half of the jar are totally different. They seem to indicate different sections, almost represented as pottery shards, as if they are a glimpse into different techniques and symbolism that might be used to cover and an entire more traditional jar or pot. This is not something we’ve seen before or since, and that makes it even more special!

Enjoy this master’s work, as she blends styles and eras flawlessly to create her own type of beautiful story!


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Clay and Clay Slips


5 1/2"


5 3/4"