Edmond Albert



A beautifully nostalgic, and masterfully etched picture of a pair of old, worn moccasins, by a noted, Canadian First Nations artist.

Edmond Albert, like many Native artists, had a circuitous road to his artistic fulfillment: born in dire poverty, as a “Landless Indian” in Montana, he became a firefighter for many years, before returning to school at the age of 28.

There, enrolled in an art class, he found his natural ability, and true calling. He has won several Best of Show awards in Native art shows, since then, and is a celebrated artist in Canada.

Most remarkably, given his beginnings, in 1998 he entered the University of Nevada Las Vegas, majoring in art and art history.

This evocative print is the last of a limited series, printed from the original etching.

The artist’s talent is apparent in the wonderfully realistic detail; you can almost feel the age- and use-softened leather.

Aside from outstanding skill, there is also affecting nostalgia and bittersweet emotion in the rendering of these old moccasins.

Perhaps they represent the old ways that are yielding to modern life, or they belonged to an honored ancestor, or the artist thought they were very picturesque…or all of the above.

Meticulous in their depiction, this pair of moccasins projects many meanings and emotions, and offers much artistic pleasure to the fortunate owner.

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