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Mixed Silver Beads


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Bryan is the son of the perennially award-winning jeweler, Al Joe. He has begun to make his own jewelry, after apprenticing with his father for a long time.

His work is – unsurprisingly – clean, precise and beautifully finished.

These spectacular beads are similar to his dad’s exquisite “Navajo pearls”.

These are varied in shape and size, with just a bit of textural  contrast in the fluted beads, which are darkened in between the raised lobes.

Every bit of the necklace is hand-fabricated, including the clasp.

The variety of bead forms – round, flattened, and fluted –  and the subtle variation in sizes, results in a wonderful visual rhythm.

The execution and finish, as well as the design, are superb.

This necklace is a gorgeous, timeless, classic, with a touch of contemporary pizazz.

“Bryan’s work extraordinary by any standard… but for a man so young it is quite spectacular.”

Those are the words of another jewelry expert. And they are true.

Get this young artist’s work in its early stage, before he becomes as famous as his father!

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Sterling Silver


Beads are 3/8" to 1/2" in diameter, 20" L