Misty Agate Spider Pin


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Insect pins are a time-honored tradition among Navajo jewelers. Herbert Ration is a well- known artist who has a particular liking for these historic pins.

Here, he has fashioned a spider, using a variety of stones and silver with a satin finish.

Spiders are particularly important to the Navajo people: In Navajo lore, Spider Woman (Na’ashjé’íí Asdzáá) is a helper and protector of humans.

She supposedly taught the Navajo how to weave, and Grandmother Spider Woman is said to have woven the universe, with her web.

This creative spider has a base of sterling silver, with a naturally mottled, sodalite head, a mysteriously misty agate body, mother of pearl antennae, and a variety of tiny stones at the end of her silver legs.

With a dreamily neutral body, sparks of bright colors, and slightly curved antennas, she is decorative, and appears friendly, too.

She will be happy to sit on your lapel or hat, or wherever you choose to pin her and enjoy your day with you.

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