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Miniature Wedding Vase with Braided Handle


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As adorable as a puppy, as handsome as a pure-bred one, this little wedding vase is impeccable in every detail, and totally appealing.The charming effect is owing to the plump form of the base and the proportional cylindrical spouts with braided handle. Entirely made according to tradition, with the gleaming white Acoma clay, and beautifully painted rain and sun designs that accentuate the chubby shape of the piece. The design features some of the famous Acoma fine lines, that represent rain, which is a very good luck symbol, and is accented with a band of red clay slip, representing the land, to match the rims of the spouts, the handle, and the plain red circle on the other side – the warm desert sun. A very well made and designed piece, ideal for apartment dwellers, miniature lovers (well, of small sizes, anyway), and everyone who appreciates a fantastic value. With a wedding vase purchase, we always include a copy of the description of the role of the wedding vase in Pueblo weddings, written by a Santa Clara potter.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Width: 2 1/2″ Height: 3 1/8″ Depth: 2 3/8″