Miniature Tularosa Mug


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The acknowledged master of miniature pottery, this burly man has won numerous awards, nationwide, for his tiny re-creations of large-scale historic pots.

Despite its modern appearance, this boldly patterned mug is a replica of one found in the Mogollon archeological area of southern New Mexico.

The spiral-and-stepped design is characteristic of the Classic Tularosa period, circa 1175-1300.

Using hand made clay, from digging to forming, coiling the form, using one fiber of a brush to paint in natural vegetal color, and firing in a pit, this piece is traditionally made – just like its full-size relatives.

For lovers of miniatures, dollhouse aficionados, or pottery collectors with limited space, this piece is a Lilliputian jewel – just like all of Thomas’ work.


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Natural Handmade Clay and Vegetal Paint


1/2" H x 3/8" W