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Miniature Tapered Black Olla


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Her mother, famed miniature potter Geri Naranjo, taught her well and Monica has continued the prize-winning family tradition. This young potter has amassed an impressive list of awards, starting when she was a teenager. This beautifully formed little olla shows why. With its graceful shape, sgrafitto designs, and red-clay rim, this tiny olla has all the allure of its large cousins. It was made much the same way, with hand-gathered, -mixed, -coiled, -smoothed, -etched, -stone polished, and pit-fired. The black, of course, is the result of smothering the flames of the firing with powdered horse or sheep manure.This produces a chemical reaction, and a black color that doesn’t rub off or fade. Polishing with a hand-held stone transforms the matte surface- like that of a flower-pot – into the glistening, satiny finish you see. Covering the rim of the pot, during firing, retains vestiges of the red clay.Shapely, created traditionally, just like full-size pottery, this tiny beauty will grace your dollhouse collection, miniature collection, or any other, with a presence much larger than its size.

Natural Clay

Width: 5/8″ Height: 1/2″