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Miniature Silver Seed Pot


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“Platero” means “silversmith” in Spanish, so this third-generation silversmith’s family was probably known for their skill a very, very long time ago.

His genes are in wonderful evidence in this beautiful little silver seed pot.

Perfectly formed, it is delicately stamped in a floral design on both sides

The pattern is not only graceful and pretty, it reinforces the ancient use of a seed pot: to keep seeds safe, over the winter, until planting season renews.

Seeds grow into plants and crops, creating healthy, happy people, so the flower-like design is both decorative and a good luck sign.

Dainty scallops makes a sweet and lovely, stamped border.

On the reverse side, which can easily be displayed, as well, a center flower form and scalloped border echo the main design, in a smaller, simpler scale.

The signature and silver mark are both so discreet, they are almost unnoticeable.

A graceful and beautifully made seed pot to start, or add to, a collection.

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Sterling Silver


3/4" H, 2" Diameter