Miniature Rain Dancer

Victor Triujillo


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When is a miniature figure as detailed, colorful, and accurately decorated as a large one?

When it is miniature kachina carving by Victor Trujillo!

This wonderful artist is known for kachinas carved with great delicacy, grace, and precision – like this Rain Dancer.

With exquisitely precise and realistic details, this little jewel could be three feet tall, if you didn’t know it was so tiny.

From the eagle feathers on her head and in her hands, to the turquoise, clamshell, and coral, heishi necklaces, and beyond, every detail of the figure is clearly carved and painted.

Realistic markings on the mask, long wrapped braid, deerskin shawl over her traditional manta (dress) – everything is made in exact color and detail.

One foot is raised, as she takes a step in the dance, with wrapped, white, ceremonial moccasins.

Victor’s artistry doesn’t end with the figure itself: it stands on a circular platform, painted sky blue.

Carved rain clouds, rain, and lightning symbols, in vivid primary colors, gracefully surround the figure on three sides.

These represent the result the dancer is praying for: rain to promote healthy crops.

Dancing, in the regalia of a Rain Dancer with eagle feathers, is a form of prayer.

And there is even more: that celestial platform is supported by a micro-miniature ancestral cliff dwelling, complete with a ceremonial kiva.

Every adobe brick in the multi-story dwelling is visible, along with window and door openings.

A little toothpick ladder emerges from the round, underground kiva, to complete the astoundingly realistic details of the whole figure.

This artist is noted for the exquisite grace and accuracy of the details he carves and paints.

In a tiny figure like this one, they are even more extraordinary. This is a collector’s gem.

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