Miniature Owl



No, this is not ET in a halloween costume, but a pre-historic effigy pot, recreated in tiny size, by one of the foremost miniature pottery specialists in the country.

Married into a prominent family of Acoma potters, this Laguna Pueblo native chose to create only miniatures, to avoid competition with his in-laws.

He looks at reference books of historic pottery for inspiration, then replicates the pieces in teeny tiny form.

The size may be different, but the technique is identical to large-format pottery: hand-gathered clay, hand formed, smoothed, painted and/or carved, and pit-fired.

Owls are considered guardians, and watchmen, especially during the night, when they are active.

This little snowy owl’s feathers are entirely carved, and the wings are painted with a plant-derived black color.

Officially speaking, this is an effigy pot, and there is a surprise: the head is actually a lid, and comes completely off.

One more indication of Tom’s exceptional skill – he is a large man who creates tiny pots, beautifully.

This owl would be a marvelous addition to your fine miniature collection, or a gift for someone else’s.


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