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Miniature Owl with Carved Feathers


Small pottery owl with carved feathers and polychrome decorations. Raised and polished eyes; the rest is matte.

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Her  mother and grandmother were noted potters, her children are award-winning potters, as is her sister, and Maxine herself is a multiple award-winner. She is especially celebrated for the zen-like serenity and elegance of her figures, but sometimes she feels like doing something different; like this adorable and elaborately decorated little owl.

Almost as wide as he is tall, his huge, stone-polished eyes, big wings and chubby demeanor give him the look of a baby owl. His eyes are carved out and three-dimensional, as are the wings, in front, and every feather on his chest. The rest of him, including the handsome decorations on top of his head, are impeccably painted in red clay slip and dark wild spinach-derived paint.

He maybe irresistibly cute, but this little owl is a fine piece of handmade pottery, from the gathering of the clays needed, to mixing, coiling, smoothing, carving, polishing with a stone, painting, pit-firing. Owls are considered protectors, sort of animated alarm systems, by the Pueblo people. Additionally, they are honored because they eat vermin that might destroy crops. So cute he may be, but there is a lot more to this handsome little guy than just looks. Although he looks very fetching….

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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip and Vegetal Pigment


2"high x 1 3/8" wide x 1 1/4" deep