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Miniature Lidded Keyhole Pot


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Awards are commonplace for this absolute master of the minuscule miniature, and this unusual piece reveals the reason.

In this remarkable piece, the painting, the details and the form are amazingly precise and beautifully realized – and all in just about an inch in any dimension!

The play of geometric shapes – round versus angular – and the elegantly painted triangular water signs, create a strikingly contemporary look in this tiny masterwork.

But the design is ancient. The artist combs reference books for historic pots to replicate in this tiny scale.

He then re-creates them by traditional methods: hand made clay, hand formed; natural colors hand painted with one fiber of a yucca leaf; pit fired.

The colors are all natural clay slip, as in the ruddy circle on the reverse side, or plant-derived.

The traditional design symbolizes the river, or path, of life. It is a good luck sign, as well as graphic and ornamental.

There is nothing finer for the miniature collector than one of Tom’s pieces, and this one is truly unusual.



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Natural Handmade Clay and Vegetal Paint


1 1/2" H x 3/4"W