Miniature Koshare Vessel



Thomas Natseway is famous as the absolute master of the minuscule miniature.

His entire display, for the prestigious art shows, that routinely hand him blue ribbons, fits into a cigar box!

The artist usually pores over reference books for historic pottery, and adapts a design to his preferred tiny scale.

This amusing little vessel features an adorably winsome Koshare sitting on the lid. The hollow base is an open diamond shape.

Entirely fabricated according to tradition, just like a regular-sized piece of pottery, the clay was gathered, mixed, formed, burnished, painted by hand, and pit fired.

The russet color is natural clay slip; the black is from steeped plants.

Despite his teeny size, the little Koshare is quite realistic and detailed.

He is sitting, one hand to his mouth, with a mischievous little smile, as if he just said or did something naughty.

When asked how he – a robustly sized man –  managed to shape and paint his pieces in such a small size, he replied, “Very carefully”!

If you are a miniature collector, Tom Natseway’s pieces are a must; if you have little space for display, but love pottery, ditto.

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