Miniature Hopi Clown Painting



With effortless skill, this self-taught Hopi artist portrays kachinas in watercolor and pen and ink.

Master of the miniature, this talented artist has created amazingly realistic detail in this watercolor.

The subject of this painting is quite unique: a blend of two rather obscure clown kachinas. Tsuku, the Rio Grande Clown, is depicted with a brown face and curly hair; Piputka, another clown, also has curly hair and is supposed to have a costume made up to look funny.

This fellow has a few stripes on his arms and legs, like a Koshare, and is eating a watermelon slice, also very like Koshares. Notice the seeds dripping down on his ample tummy!

He is a clown, masquerading as a Koshare – very rarely depicted.

Every physical detail is rendered in perfect clarity – look at the knees, toes, and every curl in the hair.

The different textures of the kilt, painted stripes, etc. are also meticulously shown.

The pretty sunset colors of the background are a lovely counterpoint to the golden beige figure.

Professionally framed and archivally matted, ready to hang.

A considerable talent offers great pleasure in a small gem of a picture.


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