Miniature Cricket Fetish

Florentino Martinez


Incredibly delicate, one piece carving of a cricket, in antler.

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He carves different sorts of complex fetishes, but is best known for his amazing, one-piece insect beauties, such as this cricket.

The skill and delicacy of his carving hits home when you consider that each fragile leg, wing and antenna, is carefully carved out of one solid piece of fossil ivory, including the base.

His astonishingly delicate and intricate pieces have won many awards, as you can imagine

Crickets are not traditional subjects for fetishes, but Florentino, like his cousins Ruben and Esteban Najera, is more interested in exploring the technical challenges of carving, while developing his own style.

The Zuni, like all Native cultures, revere all aspects of the natural world. Each creature, however small, is a little miracle, having its own part in the greater tapestry of Nature.

Florentino’s carvings, like this ethereal little cricket, celebrate the wonder of Nature.  His own, exceptional observational ability and skill, guide us to appreciate the beauty in all creatures.


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