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Miniature Blackware Olla


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Like her mother, Geri Naranjo, Monica is renowned for her miniature pottery, which is stone-polished and etched with intricate designs.

This teeny little olla gleams, with its all-over lustrous polish, interrupted only by an incised design of Avanyu, the water serpent.

The base clay is beige, and textured, providing a nice contrast to the black Avanyu, coiling around the shoulder of the pot.

Under the hip of the piece, incised water and storm signs are a delicate surprise.

Completely hand made, from gathering the clay, to mixing, forming, pit-firing, polishing with a hand-held stone, and etching the design.

A beautifully made classic olla, in lilliputian size, by a potter acclaimed for her skill in this demanding size.

Perfectly sized for a Pueblo dollhouse, or to start a miniature collection – or add to one – this is a tiny gem of traditional pottery-making.


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Hand Processed Local Clay


3/4" Diameter x 1/2" H