Miniature Black Jar

Kevin Naranjo



A tiny jewel of a jar, by a younger artist known for his award-winning, miniature pottery with intricate designs.

Kevin is a son of Geri Naranjo, nephew of Dolores Curran, and related to many other artists in this renowned pottery clan.

This jar, like most of his work, is characterized by an elegant form, shapely neck, and a multitude of tiny designs scratched out of the gleaming, stone-polished surface.

The entire piece was fully polished, then pit-fired. The black color comes from a chemical reaction when dried, powdered sheep or horse manure smothers the flames, when at their hottest.

The brown rim was partially sheltered, so it didn’t turn black. Shoulder and rim are a warm sienna brown.

A series of incredibly precise, tiny designs covers the entire piece.

Starting at the top, there are: rain and storm cloud designs around the neck and high shoulder, then a beautifully etched Avanyu (Water Serpent) over a row of waves.

A fence-like row of vertical feathers, march almost all the way around, with delicate rain symbols on one side. Feathers are symbols for prayers, and here the hope is for enough rain to produce a good harvest.

Below the feathers, are more stepped rain designs and, at the bottom, an exquisitely detailed mountain goat, with mountains and crags in the foreground and background.

Traditionally made, of course, with hand-gathered clay, hand-mixed and coiled, stone-polished, then fired in the ground.

The many, fabulously exact designs were scratched out, after the pot cooled.

This astonishingly detailed little jar is signed on the bottom, in the clay.



Additional information


Natural Clay


2 1/8"


1 1/8"