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Mini Avanyu Blackware


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Daughter of famed miniature potter Geri Naranjo, Monica has won an imposing share of awards herself.  This charming pot is an example of her impressive talent.

Perfectly proportioned, this jar could be monumental, if the dimensions were not known.

Round where it needs to be for the etched design, the form tapers up to the neck, keeping the eye on the decoration.

The carefully etched Avanyu design curls all the way around the plumpest part, and there is a band of rain and water signs, to complement this water serpent.

The textured background is an unusual and pleasing touch that complements the glossy stone polish.

If you love fine pottery but have limited room, this is for you. If you love miniatures, here is an excellent piece. It is a wonderful piece in any case.


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Natural Handmade Clay


3/4" H x 3/4" diameter