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Mimbres Rabbit Plate



Small plate (4″ diameter) with Mimbres style rabbit in center of white textured background, with fine-line and diamond border. Polychrome.

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Taking a break from fashioning her beloved, adorable figural pieces, this accomplished artist has been making highly decorative plates that combine traditional elements in her own arrangements. Here is another of these beautifully made and painted plates.

Formed by hand of hand-gathered, pristine white Acoma clay, this meticulously even and thin-walled plate is painted in an unusual palette of brick red, orange, and coffee-bean brown. These warm, saturated colors show up beautifully against the white. The central design is jackrabbit, in the pre-historic Mimbres style.

Fine-line rainfall symbols and colorful plant motifs decorate his dark brown body. The white background has been textured, for further interest, while the rabbit and the border are smooth. More fine lines form the background of the multi-patterned border. Painted over them, a series of diamond shapes with red and orange interiors add wonderful color and movement.

A beautifully graphic design, in richly satisfying colors, by an award-winning, well-known artist.

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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slips and Vegetal Pigment


4" diameter x 1/2" high