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“Milk Express”


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Delbert Buck is known for his fanciful folk art.  Born to Wilford and Jenny Buck in Shiprock, Arizona, Delbert began carving at the age of nine, making toy guns for his younger brothers.

He started carving figures later, his first a horse, coming from his avid love of the rodeo. From there, his artwork blossomed into the whimsical figures he is known for today. He assembles constructions from found objects and cottonwood limbs, then roughly carves and paints them.

Here, we have the “Milk Express” truck, being driven by a happy cowboy.  An equally happy sheep has hitched a ride atop the truck, and seems to be enjoying the breeze from his high up perch.

The milk truck is powered by a fully functioning propeller in the back, and though the wheels don’t actually spin on this capricious piece, the propeller does!

A fun and fanciful piece made by an artist who has proclaimed that he just wants his work to make people smile, the “Milk Express” is just the touch of lightheartedness we all need in our lives!

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9 1/4"




Foam, Acrylic Paint, Wood