Mi’kmaq Acorn Basket with Points and Curls


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A northeastern tribe, the Mi’kmaq live in northern New England and Eastern Canada.

This beautiful basket is a new example of an ancient tradition. They have been known for split ash basketry since ancient times, and the Acorn basket is an old design.  This one has a beautiful modern twist (pun intended!)

Imposing in size and design, the material is from the lighter wood found on the outer layer of ash trees.

Stripping and pounding results in that satiny shimmer.

The curls around the edge of the lid, and the points at the very bottom, are traditional decorative motifs.

A band of rosy red is woven around the midsection of the basket, adding a pretty color to the gaily festive design.

This color has been dyed, while the sunny cream of the rest of the basket is natural.

Basketry is one of most labor-intensive and demanding of all native arts, but the results are spectacular.

Large and capacious, this basket could hold yarn, sewing implements, or other lightweight items.

Or, simply enjoy it for its sprightly good looks.

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8 3/8" H x 7 1/4" Diameter


Natural Ash Splints