Micro-Mosaic Inlay and Silver Hoops


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A descendant of one of the original Navajo metalsmiths, Peshlakai Atsitty, Carl is considered the founder of the micro-mosaic inlay technique.

Carl is self-taught, and developed his celebrated style by trial and error, and taught his wife Irene. They collaborate on the inlay, and she generally works on the silver or gold.

Acclaimed as “some of the greatest jewelers, ever”, by respected reference books, this couple has gained fame and collectors the world over.

The Clarks are legends in their own time.

In these glamorous hoops, the various stones, all-natural, form a portrait of a Navajo Ye’i at the top.

The workmanship is superb beyond imagining; the artful composition of stones and colors is just as perfect, forming precise and clear portraits of this Navajo spirit.

The infinitely tiny inlaid stones include hair-thick lines of jet, in the figures’ chest plates, and elsewhere.

Minute pieces of mother of pearl flash luminously, here and there.

Along with little bits of red coral accents, blue lapis in the headdress fades into the Kingman turquoise that dominates the palette.

All these stones are natural and hand-cut.

The astounding inlay is formed in a diamond shape, with a plain silver bezel, sitting atop a flat silver, stepped background.

Below, the modern touch: plain silver hoops, in a dramatic but tasteful size, that will glisten and gleam as you move.

This is an innovative touch of the innovative Clarks.

Shaped to flatter, designed to amaze, these earrings are classic Clark, with a flirty,  modern twist.

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