Micro Inlay Arrow Ring


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Sammy Smith is known for his intricate and striking inlay designs in the jewelry he creates.  This stunning ring is a wonderful example of his talents.

A simple band of two half-round sterling silver wires is the perfect setting, allowing the star of the piece, the long inlaid oval that sits atop it, to shine.

Set in the shining black jet is an arrow, made from gaspeite with an apple coral lining.  Trailing behind the head of the arrow are two paths of dyed purple Mojave turquoise, apple coral, gaspeite, and stabilized turquoise.  Surrounding the arrow are nine sterling silver “stars”.

While it may seem unassuming, this gorgeous ring is a testament to this artist’s talent.  The inlay is smooth and seamless, the silverwork clean and precise.

This is a beautiful ring that can be worn anytime, anywhere, for an unbeatable price!

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Ring Size



Face is 1 1/8" L x 3/8" W x 3/16" D


Dyed Purple Mojave Turquoise, Stabiliized Turquoise, Black Jet, Gaspeite, Natural Apple Coral, Sterling Silver