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Micro Inlaid Yei Ring


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The foremost bibliography of Indian jewelry artists bluntly declares: “Carl and Irene Clark are among the greatest Indian jewelers in history.” The fame of their incredibly tiny, mosaic inlay pieces is world-wide. Their work is proudly exhibited In museums and worn on happy collectors, everywhere. Like most of their pieces, this gorgeous ring contains hundreds, if not several thousand, minuscule pieces of various natural stones, of gem quality.This extraordinary ring is definitely a statement, but a subtle and sophisticated one. Turquoise and red coral are cut into the myriad, minuscule squares that these artists are famous for, separated by diagonal channels of sterling silver. Notice how the stones are arranged so they blend into each other, rather than end abruptly. There are a few, a few teensy turquoise squares in the predominantly coral areas, and scattering of adroitly placed coral pieces in the turquoise areas. The center features a Yei figure, one of their signature designs. Yeis are Navajo spirits, conferring blessing, protection and good luck. This miniature figure is composed of the turquoise and coral, with wisps of jet and accents of mother of pearl and lapis. The minute rectangles of various stones are separated by borders of jet, no wider than a hair. Seemingly impossible, even thinner lines of jet create a breastplate, along with glistening mother of pearl. The interior of the silver band is gracefully incised with graceful water designs, a theme carried out in the flowing form of the ring and inlay themselves, and the dominance of blue turquoise in the inlay. Water and earth (the red coral) refer to the harmony of Nature, which is a Navajo spiritual ideal.This elegantly sensational ring is not only remarkably beautiful in itself, it also symbolizes a lovely message. Legendary artists, sublime workmanship, top quality stones, and a dazzling design: a future museum acquisition that you can enjoy now, and for years – or generations – to come.

Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Jet, Coral, Lapis, Mother of Pearl

1″ high x 3/4″ wide Ring Size: 7 1/4 Face Size: 1″ high x 3/4″ wide