Micaceous Swirl Seed Pot

Dominique Toya


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A jewel of a pot that sparkles and glitters like the precious gem it is. Dominique descends from generations of fine potters, but has continued their traditional methods to create pieces that are clearly NOT her grandmothers’! Winner of many awards, including Best of Division at Santa Fe Indian Market – the best piece of pottery exhibited that year, according to the judges – she has developed her own, contemporary styles. This sharp-edged swirl design is one of the most popular, as well as among the most beautiful.

Starting as a roly-poly globe of hand gathered, mixed, coiled and smoothed local clay, the artist then coated it with scintillating clay from northern New Mexico, naturally full of flakes of mica. This fascinating pinwheel effect is the artist’s version of traditional gourd pots.

Starting at the top, she cuts deeply into the clay, without any guidelines; just hand-to-eye. She carefully cuts all the way around to the bottom, and then starts on the next row. The knife-edge is one of her signatures; each row is also burnished individually.

Museum exhibits of the future, this exquisite seed pot, and her other pieces, are happy to decorate your home now.

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