Micaceous Lidded Butterfly Pot


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This young (in her 30's) potter was inspired to continue the tradition of pottery by many members of her family who are well known artists: great-grandmother Persingula Gachupin, grandmother Marie G Romero, mother Maxine Toya, sibling Dominique Toya, aunt Laura Gachupin, et al. Like them, Mia uses hand coiling to fashion hand-gathered and -mixed clay – just as their ancestors of old did.This award-winner specializes in contemporary pottery with butterfly lids. Unlike her famous swirled melon pots, this new piece is minimalist, adorned only with a covering of mica-laced clay that sparkles like dewdrops. The form is an elegant, slightly flattened round, smoothed by hand. The lid features her trademark butterfly, shaped by hand, and painted with natural pigments. The artist says “I love butterflies and have a strong passion for creating my own style.”This pot is splendid in design, excellent in fabrication, and a beautiful example of tradition evolving with the times.

Natural Handmade Micaceous Clay

Lid: 3″ Diameter Height: 5 3/8″ Diameter: 6″