Micaceous Fetish Bowl


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A stunningly elegant, contemporary, decorative interpretation of a Zuni ceremonial bowl.

This young artist has absorbed the traditions of his tribe: carves fetishes, makes the usual white pottery, etc., but is most interested in pushing the boundaries.

The use of a mica-rich clay slip, from northern New Mexico, accentuates the curvaceous form with its luster. Turned black during firing, the mica has a subtle sparkle.

In order not to trivialize tribal spirituality, rather than four different animals, who guard the four directions, all the fetishes on this bowl are bears,

The fetishes all have turquoise and coral medicine bundles, attached with natural parrot feathers.

With its gorgeous form, impeccable finish and vivid accents, this is a spectacular centerpiece for any collection.


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Natural Coral, Natural Handmade Clay and Micaceous Clay Slip, Natural Parrot Feathers, Turquoise


9" H x 12" diameter