Micaceous Circles Vase


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A consistent prize-winner, continuing a multi-generation family tradition, this elegant vase is the artist’s latest winning design – and it is a stunner. Great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and sister are also well-respected and be-ribboned names in pottery, but more traditional in approach; Dominique enjoys bringing traditional technique into the new millennium.

This gorgeously serene piece derives its powerful presence from the opulently globular form, the minimalist finish, and the precisely carved circles that mark the four directions and emphasize the circular shape. It is covered all over with a thin coat of naturally mica-filled clay slip, that imparts a subtle, low-level luster. As in all this artist’s work, the proportions are perfect, the design beautiful, and the finish flawless.

With age-old materials and technique – hand gathered, hand made clay, hand coiled and finished, pit-fired – and a 21st-century design sense, this vase is a zen-like masterwork of the potter’s art.

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Natural Handmade Clay and Micaceous Clay Sli


7 3/8" high x 7 1/2" diameter