Micaceous Brown Bowl

Pam Lujan-Hauer


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Acclaimed as a teacher of pottery, as well as a prize-winning potter, and now, an official Living Treasure, this artist often works with the mica-flecked clay of her native Taos Pueblo area.

This handsome bowl is a fine example of her traditional techniques and contemporary flair.

Without any ornamentation, the graceful form reveals itself as a continuous, thin-walled circle.

The rim is flattened, emphasizing the welcoming breadth of the bowl.

Rich chocolate brown is a natural clay slip, with another, micaceous slip that adds understated glitter.

A warm, orange-ish shape, on the inside bottom of the bowl, is the only decoration.

Indefinite in form, it resembles a comet, or the sun seen through a hazy sky.

Despite its 21st-century look, this bowl was created from hand-gathered, mixed, coiled, and smoothed clay, painted with natural clay slips, and pit-fired.

Pam is honored for just this ability to marry ancient technique and materials, with modern, even contemporary, designs.

This bowl is, indeed, a treasure, from an artist who is officially one, herself.

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