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Cream and Red Clay Swirl Pot


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This plump seed pot is as luscious as a swirl of mixed-flavor frozen custard, but not fattening, and the pleasure will last far, longer!

Granddaughter, daughter, niece, and cousin of other Yepa potters, Marcella uses the native clays of the Jemez Pueblo area in her award-winning pieces.

This traditionally shaped seed pot was inspired by squash or gourds, but the artist has twirled the ribs to update the look.

This swirl of movement, and the contrast of clay colors and texture, gives the piece a dramatic and contemporary aspect.

It is of stone-polished natural clay, gathered, mixed, coiled, and carved, by hand, and pit-fired.

The creamy clay swirls contrast prettily with the rich gleam of the red clay.

This seed pot has a commanding, lively presence. Viewed from the top, it resembles a pinwheel in motion, but its quality shows from any angle.



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Natural Hand Made Clay


5 1/2" H x 6" Diameter