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Mermaid Pin/Pendant


Imaginative pin/pendant. Silver silhouette of mermaid; body “scales” are overlapping stamps; hair, face, tail are chiseled and polished. Turquoise set into necklace and belt; silver bracelet.

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This jeweler is noted for unusual jewelry, often taken from nature. We have admired his wonderful fish, bugs, dragonflies, butterflies, horses, and turkeys; he just presented us with… a mermaid!  Not strictly taken from nature, perhaps, but just as carefully and decoratively fabricated in silver, this pin-up of the sea shows off Lee’s inspired stamp work on her lower body and tail, along with lyrical forms and chiseled designs above.

Look closely at her fishtail: the clearly defined, regular rows of stamps look just like the overlapping scales of a deep-sea siren. Notice how the stamps are placed to emphasize the curves of her body and the curl of the tail. As the tail tapers toward the large fin at the end, so do the stamps; they get smaller and smaller, right to the tip. This alone is admirable silver technique, and very decorative, but there is more to this lovely sea-creature.

Her long hair flows in waves, as if swaying with the ocean current, and she puts one hand up to contain it. Hair, facial features and the graceful fin are all beautifully cut out and/or suggested with chiseled lines. Teeny silver beads form a bracelet, and a necklace with a sea-blue turquoise pendant. Evidently from the Southwestern seas, she also wears a turquoise and silver concho belt, which is partially seen.

She will lend her dramatic and graceful magic pinned to wool, or other sturdy fabric, or float prettily from a chain, collar or beads. A romantic figure of fanciful tales, expertly translated into graceful, permanent form by an imaginative, creative artist, this mermaid will turn your jewelry collection into a legend, too.

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Sterling Silver, Turquoise


3 1/4" long x 3 1/4" wide