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Melon Pot with Stepped Lid


Tall melon pot with stepped lid. White Laguna clay, sharply tapered shape, and ribs pushed out from the interior, not applied after the pot was formed.

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This is a signature piece for Andrew, a son of noted potter Gladys Paquin. Unlike many similar pots (which are inspired by squash, that ancient staple of the Pueblos), the ribs on his pots are all pushed out from the inside, as the pot is formed in coils and smoothed – by hand, of course. Much more difficult than applying them to the exterior of a formed pot. The effect is voluptuously rounded and elegantly formed.The snowy clay is native to the Laguna-Acoma-Zuni area. It is burnished to a soft glow, also by hand. This imposing piece is beautifully formed into a ravishing, tapered shape, as well.The lid is shaped after the distinctive steeples of the historic church in Old Laguna village. The stepped design also refers to kiva steps, and the symbol for rain. Although based firmly in tradition, this work fits in any and every setting because of its beautiful simplicity.

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Natural Clay


6 1/2" diameter at widest, 8 1/4"