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Meditation at Sunset


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A mesmerizing, color-saturated painting, by this accomplished Navajo artist.

With a palette that Paul Gauguin would have envied, Fred Cleveland masterfully evokes the heart-stopping beauty of a southwestern sunset.

If not for the meticulously painted figure, sitting in the middle ground, this could be magical, abstract evocation of the subject.

The colors seem almost unnatural – but if you’ve ever seen a spectacular sunset in the open skies of New Mexico, you know they really are just about right.

Fiery orange, purple and lilac,  subtle greenish, greyish blue, and a dark foreground that combines them all – except the orange – makes a truly fauvist palette, just like the great Gauguin and other post-Impressionists.

Seen close up, the  foreground is realistic, with blueish green shrubs and purplish brown rocks and land.

Despite the tempestuous beauty of the sky, and the sweeping diagonals of the composition, this painting creates a sense of tranquil contemplation, just like an actual sunset.

This gorgeous sunset will never fade into the night, but will adorn your wall forever, with its rich color and energy.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


16" L x 20" H