Medicine Bag with Buffalo Horn

Lonn Parker Family


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Small leather pouches were used to store amulets or cornmeal, and worn on the person at all times. Cornmeal is used by Navajos for blessings and prayers; Zuni might carry tiny fetishes for protection or hunting luck. This handmade medicine bag is fine for that traditional use, but also useful to carry credit cards, a lipstick or two, and/or change.


The flap is decorated on the exterior with a beautifully iridescent abalone shell and a  tapered piece of natural buffalo horn. Inside, there is a circular patch of black leather with two tin “jingles” attached. It hangs on a chain of brass and black beads, which add a warm gleam, and coordinate with the shiny polished buffalo horn.


This is signed “lonie” on the back, made by the former wife of jeweler Lonn Parker Jr. For traditionalists and fashionistas; women and men, alike.


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Abalone Shell, Beads, Brass, Buffalo Horn, Leather, tin


25 1/4" long, Bag alone is 3 1/2" long x 2 3/4" wide