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Mawsitsit Pendant


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Maw-Sit-Sit??? Is this a joke? No, it is the name of a Burmese village, located in Upper Myanmar, near where this gorgeous, rare stone was found in 1963.

With its rich, deep green, jade is obviously one of the components; feldspar is another, and there are some others as well.

It is very rare, and quite hard, so will wear well.

This pendant is an official collaboration between Ophelia Garcia and her husband, famed painter, jeweler, activist and mentor, Ted Draper, Jr. – they both signed it.

However, for ease of navigation, we have listed it under Ophelia Garcia’s name alone, since she made the beautiful mawsitsit bracelet that is a natural companion to this elegant pendant.

A large, elegantly shaped piece of this resplendent stone is surrounded by a simple frame of textured sterling silver.

That ends in a narrow edge that is highly polished. The silver closely follows the graceful taper of the stone.

Seven mosaic pieces of matching maw-sit-sit are inlaid at the bottom. These are beautifully cut, graduated in size from smallest at the top to a wider curve, at the very bottom.

The textured silver is a wonderful foil for the smooth stone.

Glittering, silver contrasts with, and brings out, the beauty of the satiny stone, with its intense green and black coloration.

The design is simple, elegant, and a perfect complement to the spectacular stone, itself.

The whole piece is flawless in execution, with a quietly majestic look. There is an equally regal bracelet, by the same artist, elsewhere on this website.

Magnificent as the stone is, with its dramatic marbling and rarity, this quietly luxurious pendant could easily fit in with sweaters and blouses, as well as gala dresses.

Together with Ophelia Garcia’s fabulous bracelet, this would make a set fit for a queen – an unpretentious, busy, modern one, that is.

Rarity, luxury, artistry, and beauty – the Garcia-Drapers bring it all together.


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Natural Maw-sit-sit, Sterling Silver


Stone alone is 1 1/2" L x 3/4" W | Pendant is 2 3/4" L x 1 1/4"W