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Mauve and Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Earrings


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Sky-blue glass beads, with iridescent mauve tassels below, end in glittering Swarowski crystal beads in matching blue and glassy- clear. Add cylinder beads of a faintly pink, matte copper hue, above, and you have these wildly flattering, flirtatious earrings by the acknowledged queen of beaded jewelry.

The third generation of a famous family, celebrated for their innovative artistry, Jovanna is an award-winner whose work is zealously collected all over the world. Her chosen materials may seem unlikely, but the Zuni have long been known for beadwork, as well as lapidary stone work. These earrings look contemporary, but they fit into a long tradition, and the design itself is a traditional, good-luck symbol: the tassels represent rain, falling from the stepped rainclouds above.

Prettily pastel, the sky-blue and mauve palette is grounded by the matte cylinder beads. Can’t you see these glittering crystals dancing along with you? Whether you are wearing a tee-shirt or are out on the town, these earrings will loo and feel great. Light in weight ( and the pocketbook! ); heavy in looks> How perfect is that?

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