Matte Clay Chanter

Maxine Toya



Maxine is a multiple award-winner, as well as a retired educator and school administrator.

She is the daughter and mother of notable pottery artists, including the rising star, Dominique Toya

This is a unique piece, since it is entirely matte and undecorated.

Nevertheless, this compelling maternal figure demonstrates the serenity, elegance and emotion that characterize her pieces.

Perhaps, even more so than her painted and stone-polished figures, since there is no distraction from the essence.

The figure is chanting prayers. The bowl is meant to contain cornmeal, to facilitate that.

Fluid, rounded lines, and a perfectly smooth finish highlight the pristine beauty of the piece.

Characteristically, this figure is all about graceful line and form. It radiates serenity, spirituality, and emotion, even without any features.

It is entirely traditional in method and materials, as all her work is. The clay is local, hand-gathered, mixed, coiled and smoothed, and pit-fired.

With the utmost simplicity, and economy of detail, the artist conveys exquisite beauty and feeling.

A rare and movingly beautiful figure, by this famous artist.



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