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Marlstone Frog Fetish


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Lena Boone is famed for her maintenance of the old style of fetish carving, as seen in this abstract, rather than totally naturalistic, piece.

In the past, fetishes were found stones that resembled a particular animal, in the owners’ eyes.

Instead of intricate, realistic detail, Lena carves the general form of the animal, and adds a few identifying features.

Here, we see an adorable frog, seemingly cuddly, despite the solid stone.

Frogs are symbols of water – a great blessing in the arid Zuni land – and also fertility. Plus, they are cute.

This fetching fellow is made of an unusual, very decorative, natural stone: Marlstone, developed from the muddy bottoms of prehistoric seas.

The swirly, confetti-like inclusions in the stone are natural, and also prehistoric. They are fusulinids, tiny marine creatures that were common three-hundred million years ago, or more.

Our decorative frog has bright turquoise eyes, and sports a medicine bundle of spiny oyster shell arrow, and bits of natural red coral and turquoise.

Medicine bundles symbolically point the animal’s special  attributes to the owner.

Simple, but definitely froggy, this fetish lets the remarkable stone star, accented with bits of bright color.

A prehistoric pet that is very good luck, by a premier fetish artist. Adopt him quickly!


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Natural Marlstone with Fusulinids, Natural Red Branch Coral, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Natural Turquoise


2 5/8" L x 1 5/8" W x 7/8" H