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Mare and Foal Fetish


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A major reference book on Zuni fetishes says, “Hubert Pincion may be the last artist who carves the old way with only rasps and files.”

He also polishes by hand, and the result is delightful.

This touching little fetish of a mare and her foal is sensitively carved from white soapstone, a favorite material of his.

The natural markings of the stone are skillfully manipulated to enhance the forms.

With minimal detail, the shape and proportions are so naturalistic, the piece seems  totally realistic.

The mare is shown bending tenderly over her little one, licking its mane. Baby is lying down, legs folded beneath him/her.

Heads, tails and legs are carved, the manes are etched lightly, and their eyes are inlaid blue turquoise.

A delicate and sweet carving that almost qualifies as a miniature sculpture.

Protect your horses, or just enjoy owning these two, without the expense and hassle!

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2 3/4" Lx 1/2" W x 1 1/2" H


Soapstone, Turquoise