“March Winds” Sculpture

Ron Lewis


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A marvelous table sculpture that brings the stiff winds of March into your home no matter how hot the weather.

One piece of roseate Utah alabaster is beautifully formed to show a figure leaning into the wind.

Hair, skirt, abstracted blanket, and even the necklace, are all shaped with diagonal lines, so we seem actually to feel the wind blowing.

From the back, as well as the front, there is tremendous motion, which animates the figure.

The natural alabaster is both polished, in the body of the figure, and left textured, for the hair and pleated skirt, adding to the interest of the piece.

Where polished, the stone’s deep reddish color shows, with natural bands of lighter and darker shades that add to the illusion of windswept movement.

The features are delicately detailed, as are the earrings and necklace.

A moccasined toe just peeps out below the flowing skirt, which, like the hair, streaming in the wind, is left unpolished, for visual interest.

The creamy marble base has enough swirls to harmonize with the alabaster.

Handily sized for display, this figure is expertly carved, conveying rushing movement with repeated shapes and lines.

A wonderful example of the sculptor’s art.

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