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Marble Buffalo


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This celebrated Zuni carver has wonderfully captured the iconic animal’s lumbering appearance in this marble sculpture. Yes, sculpture, because the artistry and execution lift this beyond the fetish category.

The creamy stone suggest the legend of the sacred white buffalo- that when it appears, the buffalo herds will return to the Great Plains, and the Natives will again prosper and flourish.

The details are exquisitely done; the whole form and attitude evokes the massive strength of this king of the West. See how the coat is depicted in all its shaggy weight, and every other feature is realistically carved.

His tail is seemingly in the midst of twitching from side to side. The only un-realistic touch: The eyes are inlaid turquoise. (But maybe a white buffalo would have blue eyes?)

A marvelous example of the finest quality, realistic carving, in a beautiful stone, with special meaning to match.



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Marble, Turquoise


4 5/8" w x 2 3/4" h x 1 1/2" deep