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“Many Blessings”


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Nathan Nez is a young Navajo artist, veteran, and family man, who started out as a street artist

He had innate talent, but no knowledge of art or its history, until he attended the University of New Mexico.

While there, he participated in a joint public/private mural project for Albuquerque’s Healthcare for the Homeless building, featuring hummingbirds.

This jewel-like painting also features a hummingbird, a favorite subject in all southwestern Native lore.

Hummingbirds help to propagate plants, including crops, so are good luck symbols.

According to the artist, they also represent determination, flexibility, and adaptability.

Brilliantly luminous hues suggest the colors of the little birds themselves, as well as the flowers that nourish them and lush foliage.

The bird seems fixed in flight by the lovely magenta stripe that keeps our eyes, and the fluttering hummer, inside the canvas.

Adroitly shaded, the brushstrokes and darks in the painting bring out the emerald greens even more.

A vibrant, close-up of Spring, by this up and coming painter, to light up your home with all the attributes of the hummingbird, as well as magnificent color.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


13" H x 8" W