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Man with Blue Blanket and Sunglasses


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This accomplished folk artist is known for her slyly humorous figures that gently rib life on the reservation. Here, someone is all dressed up, in a fancy shirt, turquoise jewelry, and a fine blue blanket. Surely he is going to some important ceremony, or to town? Well, maybe, but right now, he is pointing to a purple roadrunner, against the famous red rocks of the Navajo land. Ever see a purple roadrunner? It is the reservation equivalent of a purple cow, maybe!

We can see what he sees, because his sunglasses are reflecting the light right back at us, acting as mirrors. Nice details in the carving: facial features, ears, hands, folds of the blanket, ceremonial moccasins, and fancy shirt. The sunglasses are also carved, but the reflected view is painted, just as precisely as the figure is carved.

Tall and colorful, this is a seriously made piece of Navajo folk art, even as it makes us smile.


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Paint, Wood


16 1/2" high x 5 1/4" wide x 5 1/2" deep